Kinetic Complete Transformation

Kinetic Lifestyle Solutions is looking for committed and determined people to participate in the Kinetic Complete Integrated Program for FREE!
February is the month of giving at Kinetic Lifestyle Solutions and we are determined to guide, educate and support as many people as possible transition to healthy, sustainable lifestyles.

If you’re sick of counting calories, weighing portions, going hungry, not seeing results or just don’t know where to start THIS COULD BE JUST WHAT YOU NEED!

For FEBRUARY ONLY Kinetic Complete is being offered ABSOLUTELY FREE! To find out more details register your interest and details in the box on the right. Don’t waste time… Preparation Week begins Monday 18th February!

With the right guidance and by making simple changes to your everyday routine you will lose weight, shift fat from stubborn areas, improve your fitness, sleep and energy and levels.

Do you have what it takes to achieve with Kinetc Complete AND win £200 for BEST Lifestyle Transformation?

This program IS for you if…
  • you are prepared to make some  simple changes to your daily habits
  • you are willing to commit to <20mins of daily training
  • you are open to some new ideas and methods
  • you are prepared to support and encourage other group members

What do you get with Kinetic Complete?

  • Preparation week – where we look at removing temptation and creating some healthier, daily habits.
  • Detox Week – a week dedicated to cleansing the liver and the body with my 7 Day Detox Program.
  • B2B – my 28 day at home training and nutrition program that has seen many achieve fantastic results by creating simple, lifestyle changes.
  • Preservation – my 4 week follow up program to ensure you can carry these new habits forward and learn how to combine a healthy lifestyle with your social life.


You will be provided with shopping lists, nutrition plans, recipe’s, training programs, demo videos and all the advice and guidance to ensure you are ready to go.
Throughout the entire program you are supported by myself and other like-minded people, via a private Facebook group, where you will provide regular updates and be held accountable for your actions to ensure you achieve the best results possible.

ADDED MOTIVATION the person who makes the GREATEST change to their body and lifestyle (shape, skin, hair, energy, before and after photos) and NOT just the person who loses the most weight, WINS £200!* 

What sort of results can you expect?

  • Tanya lost 7lbs on the 7 Day Detox ALONE
  • Ryan beat his sugar addiction, increased his energy and developed new habits that have kick started his health and fitness goals for 2013.
  • Emma lost an amazing 9lbs (in 7 Days) and although it wasn’t always easy, has carried her new habits forward and is still achieving great things!

Michelle KC

 Michelle – Back to Basics @ Home (lost over 7’’/20cms)

“Taking on the Back to Basics taught me so much about things I didn’t know, especially nutrition and got me back on track in making healthy and effective lifestyle changes. It’s not a diet and a one off thing and I didn’t have to sit around reading labels and counting calories. It was simple, easy to follow and user friendly, all the things I need with my busy lifestyle. Joining Back to Basics was the best thing I have done for my health and fitness in a long time.

Yes I have lost weight (over6lbs/3kgs), but the more significant change is that my body shape has changed and I have lost centimetres (over 7’’/20cm) from all over my body. Only having a month on this program, my fitness has increased and I am feeling and looking better.

With the support, information and guidance from Liz and the comments and tips from the others on the program made things a lot easier (being on the other side of the world – Malaysia). Even though I was doing this program by myself, it didn’t feel that way.  I think the most important thing was to remember is it’s a lifestyle change not a quick fix diet and the changes that I had to make, I will continue with as they were nothing major and easy to do.

No weights required so I could do it in the comfort of my own home and not need to worry about when I was going to get to the gym.”


Barry – Back to Basics @ Home (lost 15’’/39cms)

“At first I was a bit sceptical about the program and the results it claimed to deliver, but I had been going to the gym four times a week and not shifting any of my gut. The guidance that Liz gives is easy to adapt to and the exercises start at a basic level – I was surprised by how easy it was and that in less than a month I shifted more of my gut than I had going to the gym by myself. Liz always responded to questions and the nutrition guide was flexible enough that you can use your imagination to make meals that appeal to you. There is no portion control, just a rule of thumb to work with – it makes it very easy to stay full without needing snacks.

I really do recommend this before busting your gut with a PT – it’s cheaper and easy with visible results and the education to continue achieving your goals.”


Lucy KC

Lucy – Back to Basics @ Home (lost 13’’/32cms)

“The Back to Basics program exceeded my expectations!  Liz is so knowledgeable and was very helpful every step of the way.  The support level is great.  The changes were a lot to get used to at first but because I really wanted to see some changes I stuck to it.  The results are amazing.  I have lost 32 cms in total all over and am fitting into clothes I haven’t worn in over a year.  I learnt so much about nutrition and feel they are definitely changes I will stick to.  After the first week I noticed I was sleeping better, energy levels sky rocketed and over the whole month (and hopefully continuing!) I never had one of those ‘I don’t feel like getting out of bed days’. I am generally happier and feel much healthier”


Cathy – Preservation Program (over 10’’/26cm lost on B2B)

“The new lifestyle has meant that I feel fantastic! I’m stronger and healthier. I’m down to 68Kg when I was, but rarely hop on the scales because that’s not what the lifestyle is about. It’s about being the best you can be. I’m not there yet but with the flexibility and support of the Preservation Program I’m getting there. I’ll be a size 10 in no time, with abs and guns and I’ll glow from the inside out even more than I already do.
I’ve maintained my losses even while on holidays several times over the past few months.

The new lifestyle has affected my family’s health positively, my husband has lost 8kg and my youngest daughter looks fantastic. We eat out less enjoy our healthy family meals.

I have a better relationship with food. My taste buds have changed. My cravings have changed dramatically. I know my triggers for my addictions(sugar, alcohol). Some addictions aren’t anymore. I was a cheese lover but now I get disappointed if it’s added to a meal. I don’t crave it or eat it anymore.”


 Kelly – Preservation Program (over 13’’/35cms lost on B2B)

“I participated in Back to Basics and it was a no-brainer for me to continue with the Preservation Program. I had the information and support that I needed to get through the holiday period without gaining any weight and this program is second nature to me now. This is not a diet but a lifestyle!  So overall I have gone from a size 12-14 to an 8-10 and I am only getting stronger and leaner!”


By combing these THREE successful programs into ONE complete program, ensures fantastic results and will set you up with remarkable healthy habits to ensure your success is carried forward.

This program does not require a gym membership or expensive supplements. It is based around healthy habits. Once the healthy habits are formed the changes become second nature. 


What’s the point in continuing through life being unhappy with yourself, how you feel and how you look?
If you’re serious about getting into shape, an action taker, not an excuse maker and wanting to make sustainable lifestyle changes to your health and fitness, then I look forward to working with you soon!

P.S – BE WARNED - successful completion of this program will result in the loss of at least one dress size by Easter…